Mental Illness Awareness Week 2019

The week of October 6-12, 2019 has been designated as Mental Illness Awareness Week!

As co-head of the Mental Health Awareness Club at my school, I have worked hard to organize activities and provide resources to educate the community during this awareness week. Throughout the entire week, we left a resources table up in the main foyer that had flyers, posters, brochures, cards, treats, stickers, and more! We connected with our local NAMI affiliate, who provided us with awesome handouts on mental illnesses and information on local, accessible support group resources.

Lara Koelliker, Jeff Sparr, Emeline Whealton, & Jenn Sparr at the Wheeler School PeaceLove presentation.

On Thursday, which was also World Mental Health Day, we hosted Jeff Sparr, the co-founder of PeaceLove, to share his personal mental illness story with the high school and faculty. The PeaceLove team also provided our club with handouts, stickers, and contact cards for us to place on our resources table.

For more information on Jeff's work at PeaceLove, visit

On Saturday morning, my NAMI Walks team participated in the 5k walk at Roger Williams Park in Providence, RI to raise mental health awareness & funds. I couldn't have organized this awesome team alone! Thanks to Emeline, who is also co-head of the Wheeler Mental Health Awareness Club, we successfully got a great group together and reached our fundraising goal! Our team raised over $1000 to support the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), which provides accessible education, support, and resources to people who are struggling with mental illness in our community.

I hope that you were able to learn something during Mental Illness Awareness Week and encourage you to make an effort to pass that important information onto others!

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